Residential Security (RST)

An RST is a team of CPO’s that work together to provide a safe environment generally at a client's residence.  This service should be 24 hours a day, maintaining a property’s security.

All of our Executive Residential Security (RST) are individually chosen for specific tasks.

More often than not, by the nature of it’s title, this element of security is at the clients main residence, or one of their other homes.  MIG recognises the importance of being able to keep the property/ family/ staff safe, whilst not intruding on their day-to-day lives.  Under no circumstances do we want the client (and/or family) to feel their freedom is limited or restricted in any way.

We are experienced in working alongside other household/family office personnel to ensure the smooth running of a household, so the family feel comfortable in their surroundings.

All of our CPO’s have a positive ‘can do’ attitude and work together as a wider team to ensure a positive outcome for all. More often than not an RST works alongside Electronic Security systems/Technical Security solutions so we ensure our teams have a good level of understanding of the technical systems they are working with, to provide a truly secure environment either in the UK or overseas.
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Why choose us?

Residential Security

When it comes to residential security, MIG Security & Events stands out as the ideal choice. We understand that the main residence or secondary homes are sanctuaries for our clients and their families, and our utmost priority is to ensure their safety without intruding on their daily lives. We believe in preserving their freedom and autonomy in every way possible.

All MIG CPO’s are First Aid trained to a minimum of Level 3 ‘First Person on Scene/First Response Emergency Care’ level which gives piece of mind to all family members and their visitors.  If the family has young children or relatives with young children that visit the home regularly, MIG will ensure that there is always one qualified paediatric First Aider, should the need ever arise.

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Whatever your security requirements, MIG will ensure that you are in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, which is testament to our knowledgeable, highly experienced, and close-knit team of security personnel, surveillance operators and support staff.
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