Close Protection Officer (CPO)

Highly trained individuals who are commonly known as Bodyguards can work alone or as part of a team.

All of our Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) are individually chosen for specific tasks.

Every CPO is trained to the highest of standards but being able to choose the right person for the right job is our speciality.

The majority of our CPO’s come from a Military or Police background however some have just proved themselves over years of working within the security industry and reached the highest level due to their exceptional personal attributes.

We can provide complete teams with a management structure or individuals who are comfortable working on their own or as part of an existing team.

We can guarantee that all CPO’s are discreet, trustworthy and respectful to a client’s needs.  We understand that it is a clients reputation that can be attacked/damaged and not just the individual or their prized possessions.
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Close Protection Officer

When you choose MIG Security & Events, you can rest assured that your safety and well-being are in capable hands. We provide close protection services of unparalleled quality, meticulously tailored to your specific needs. Our team is fully equipped to handle any situation with the utmost professionalism, ensuring your peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what matters most. Experience our exceptional Close Protection services and discover the difference that sets us apart at MIG Security & Events.

Discover the unparalleled quality, tailored approach, and professional expertise that define MIG Security & Events. When it comes to close protection services, trust the specialists who prioritise your safety, well-being, and peace of mind above all else.

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Whatever your security requirements, MIG will ensure that you are in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, which is testament to our knowledgeable, highly experienced, and close-knit team of security personnel, surveillance operators and support staff.
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